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Stop and See the Dream

Once when I was a star-struck teenager, I dreamed of singing one of my favorite show tunes in front of an orchestra. I stood in my bedroom lip syncing along with the CD to an imaginary concert hall filled with adoring fans. Years later, I did sing that very show tune with a local symphony orchestra to a receptive audience. Only after the performance did I realize the beautiful gift I had been given. Looking back, I can see that many things happened for me that I had dreamed of. Living in the Finger Lakes, writing for magazines, owning my own home....but every time a dream came true, I was often too absorbed in the details or worried over the outcome to stop and realize what was happening. As is often the case, the mundane picture of everyday life can sometimes cloud the view of a dream coming true.

I dreamed another dream about seven years ago. It was about that time that I had a spiritual awakening experience. I started seeing visions and hearing intuitive guidance. I got attuned to Reiki. I learned the spiritual art of reading tarot cards. I discovered an intuitive ability to communicate with angels. I began to see that my life could look far more expansive than I had every dreamed it could. I felt called to somehow begin doing this angel-guided intuitive work, but practicality kept it always as a hobby. I needed to make a living, so I decided my intuitive work would just have to wait until after I had won the lottery or become an overnight success.

Two months ago, my plans changed. Plagued with heart pains, physical distress, and mental anguish, my body started rebelling against my day job. Although I was doing work that I loved, the stress and structure of my life was not sustainable, and I found myself having to make a change and say goodbye to practicality. I soon realized that my soul had been waiting for just that very chance to guide my life. This period of transition was my soul's moment, and I felt guided to jump into the pool of my dreams. I decided to become the intuitive I dreamed about.

The path I have chosen is new to me, filled with a seemingly endless flow of questions, worries, and details. Every day is a balancing act of staying centered on God while navigating my career path. Every minute is a challenge to allow my soul to steer my life, while my ego nervously watches from the back seat. I don't know what will happen, but I do know this is a moment to stop and see what a dream coming true looks like from the inside.

A dream in the process of coming true has the all the nail-biting excitement of a suspense movie halfway through. It feels unclear how all the loose ends will come together. It feels clumsy and, at times, a bit ridiculous. I often find myself having no option than to just breathe, trust the process, and laugh at myself. A dream coming true looks slightly silly from the inside. It looks messy, uncertain, and yet, utterly beautiful. The truth is, however, there is never a time when a dream isn't coming true. There is always some dream, big or small, bringing itself boldly into the world. Anytime we stop, we are looking at the inside of a beautiful, glorious, slightly silly dream.


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