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TAROT has been thought of as a game, a fortune-teller's device, a new age trend, and a self-help tool. The truth is that Tarot is a deck of cards, designed to depict every facet of the human experience. Every stage along the soul's journey and every area of human life, from the mundane to the divine, is encoded in these 78 cards.


The brilliance of the Tarot lies in its marvelous ability to act as an energy mirror, revealing hidden influences affecting the Seeker's life. When used with intention and intuition, Tarot can be used a tool to reveal the unseen energies of the Seeker's life. Information revealed by a Tarot reading is meant to be used in the same way a regular mirror would be used—when you look in the mirror, you either like what you see and move on, or you don't like what you see and make a change. The same is true for Tarot. The information revealed is meant to add to the Seeker's ability to direct their life as they see fit. 

My journey with Tarot began in 2014, when a friend gave me a simple three-card reading. I was struck by the depth of information each of the cards revealed and how a such a simple reading could help me to shift my mindset. I knew I had to learn more about this beautiful tool. After studying the cards and their meanings, I was launched on an introspective journey of enlightenment and mystical wisdom inspired by Tarot.


I discovered that Tarot cards were far more than the carnival trick they are often portrayed as. I realized that the whole of life was encapsulated in these cards, which, when combined with energy and intuition, can reveal messages that illuminate a situation. I found Tarot to be challenging when the reading uncovered areas of my life I would rather not look at. I found Tarot to be inspiring in its ability to provoke a new outlook. I found Tarot to be motivating when I saw areas of my life I wanted to change. Today, I am still on the journey of study that the Tarot inspired, and I am passionate about sharing this marvelous tool with others. 

In my experience, each of the 78 cards of the Tarot contain a story, a lesson, a challenge, and a gift. Each reading is a unique journey, guided by my intuition, my angel guides, and my intention to serve the highest good for all.  


"Mary's abilities as an intuitive are truly special!  I found her reading to be detailed and so thought provoking.  Mary described the meaning of each card in detail and beautifully interpreted what my angels were trying to tell me.  I took notes during the session and have referred back to them several times since the reading, using the words and images Mary provided to guide my reflection and introspection.  I would highly recommend a reading, or regular readings with Mary!"  ~Jessica Hasler Southwell, Owner, apProach Consulting

"My tarot card reading with Mary, was beautiful. Her understanding and knowledge of the cards is unmatched. Her insight was amazing and extremely helpful for me. Mary was able to bring clarity and understanding to many points that were on my mind. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in having a greater understanding of themselves. Thank you, Mary "  ~Dan Cast

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